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Prophet Shawn Cooper


Prophetess Michelle Cooper

Prophet and Pastor, Shawn Cooper has been serving God in ministry for 18 years. Although he operates in multiple areas of the 5 fold ministry, the heart of his anointing is the prophetic office. At a young age Prophet Shawn had a love for God and diligently began seeking Him. After being undeniably touched and ignited by the spirit of God, a fire was lit in his life and has burned passionately ever since. Known as Prophet Coop, through God, he has touched many lives all over The world. He holds a prophetic broadcast on Facebook 9pm nightly. Pastor Shawn also is also a traveling Evangelist. He now serves as lead Pastor at Flames of Fire Worship Center. He is available for booking for all church events, conferences, workshops, seminars and more. See our booking page.


Prophetess and Co-Pastor Michelle Cooper has been serving God for 27 years. In her early 20's, she quickly learned that she had been given special anointing for intersession and prophecy. She has a passion for interceding in prayer for God's people and seeing them healed & delivered. Pastor Michelle has gained strength, wisdom, courage, love, understanding and VICTORY through her miraculous testimony. The trails of her life helped to birth her women's ministry called 'From Broken To Victorious" where she ministers and encourages women all over the nation to be victorious. Known for her triumphant spirit and testimony, Lady Cooper teaches us that there is purpose in our pain. Prophetess Michelle also travels to teach and preach the gospel. She serves as psalmist and Co-Pastor at Flames of Fire Worship Center. Prophetess Michelle is available for booking for all church functions, seminars, conferences and workshops. See our booking page.

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